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Treat Her Like the goddess She Is

The idea of viewing your female partner as a goddess refers to treating her with the honor, respect, and reverence that you would for any divine being.

You would never want to mistreat her, disrespect her, or cause her harm in any way. You should aim to please her in every way possible.

Worship Her Sexually
With regard to her body, you should worship it and treat it with reverence and total respect. Your goal should be lavish glorious worship upon her body. For Your and Her pleasure and satisfaction. Worship Her Sexually should be your priority.

And this is true whether this is your first time together or your thousandth. No matter how long she has been your partner, you should never take her for granted or treat her any less respectfully than you did when you were first dating.

Outside of the Bedroom
Although worshipping her during sensual encounters is important, you should not limit your reverence and adulation to the times before and during lovemaking. If you do make this mistake, you will risk looking like a stereotypical male: only being nice to the woman until you get what you want. This is definitely not a good image to present.

Instead, you should be in a state of constant worship and reverence. It is important to show love and respect for your goddess every hour of every day. You must demonstrate this by your words and actions. Make sure to always treat her with kindness and to constantly show her how special she is to you. Give her little treats and flowers, for no specific reason. Surprise her with a romantic exciting getaway - small jaunt (only you two), just to show her how excited you are to be with her and how much you enjoy her company.

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Lifestyle - god and goddess

Bible, God says:
- "I declare: "Gods though you be, offspring of the Most High all of you" (Psalms 82,6)
- Jesus answered them, "Is it not written in your law, 'I said, "You are gods"'? (John 10,34)

Lifestyle - god and goddess, idea and vision:

Let the man worship woman as earthly goddess, beautiful divine, the Queen, the Nymph, the Mana, the food of Life, beautiful earthly goddess...

And let the woman worship man as earthly god, the Lord, the Sun, the Father, the King, the Lite of Her Life, the creator, the provider, as Jesus ...

Surrender to one another. Become one. The glorious Mystic rose in the garden of the Heavenly Father. Permeate the universe, fill it, become it for this is the union beyond duality.

But this lifestyle is not for everyone.