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The Divine Feminine

Fantastic experience

When a man awakens the divine feminine within himself, he falls in love with her. She brings him the most beautiful feelings he had ever experienced. It becomes his mission in life to become closer to her, to feel her more. He gains respect for all women, and sees all women as divine. The divine feminine changes a man so completely that all he wants to do is worship her.

As the divine feminine raises through the chakra system in man, she alters him in a way that he no longer lusts after women. He loves them, from the heart not the head.

Man sees: She is fantastic beautiful princess, queen, goddess... Then enables him to find so much more pleasure in intimacy even with just himself...

If he meets a woman, the feminine energy only increases his passion for her. He wants to truly make her happy, and will honour her like he honours the divine feminine within him. He feels from the heart, and reaches her heart because of that. He gains her trust and will do what's necessary to allow her to trust him completely.

The divine feminine changes a man so much... She builds inside him, bringing abundant happiness to his life. He feels complete with the divine feminine alive within him. He is balanced, he is joyful.

So if you want to understand how a man perceives the divine feminine, realize that he feels the feminine within himself. Goddess is with him, loving him with her grace and perfection.

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Lifestyle - god and goddess

Bible, God says:
- "I declare: "Gods though you be, offspring of the Most High all of you" (Psalms 82,6)
- Jesus answered them, "Is it not written in your law, 'I said, "You are gods"'? (John 10,34)

Lifestyle - god and goddess, idea and vision:

Let the man worship woman as earthly goddess, beautiful divine, the Queen, the Nymph, the Mana, the food of Life, beautiful earthly goddess...

And let the woman worship man as earthly god, the Lord, the Sun, the Father, the King, the Lite of Her Life, the creator, the provider, as Jesus ...

Surrender to one another. Become one. The glorious Mystic rose in the garden of the Heavenly Father. Permeate the universe, fill it, become it for this is the union beyond duality.

But this lifestyle is not for everyone.