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Christian Tantra Sex

Christian Tantra Sex Exist many websites for Tantra sex or karezza. Tantra sex supposedly originated in India, so the legend in pagan gods. But You just download only technique - tantra sex. And paganism uninstall, removed, Christianity put there, and it is beautiful. But Tantra in principles also Christians have practiced it for many centuries, long caresses, petting... - Tantra sexual techniques - most of them fit very conveniently into Christian conceptual frameworks, obviating the need for the practioner to adopt a culturally foreign religion.
For your happiness... Long, long time to enjoy sexual arousal. And there is no obligation to follow the instructions tantra, you can do as you like.


"husbands should live with your wives in understanding, showing honor to the weaker female sex..." (1Pe 3,7).

"Let her be thy dearest hind, and most agreeable fawn: let Her breasts inebriate thee at all times; he thou delighted continually with her love." (Prov 5,19)

- Yes, You should showing honor to the female sex and Her breasts (body) inebriate thee at all times...


Tantric sex is a beautiful ritual worship (showing honor and Her body inebriate thee):
Long time kissing and fondle a woman's body - it is the physical worship. But worship and respect is also in your heart. You must feel a lot of respect for Her body and worship Her beautiful body also with all your heart.
And at other times it makes the same - wife for Her husband (For example, the next day or other mutual agreement).

Man sees wife - as earthly goddess. And woman sees Her husband - as earthly god.


Christian Tantra Sex 2. Worship the female body in the bedroom (naked Woman lies and relaxes):
Before intercourse, I like to worship my wife’s body like the beautiful temple it is. A lot of times. Long, long time. I get more arousal and satisfaction this way, sometimes for hours.

A woman's body is sacred and holy, because it is God's gift. Thank very much to God - Our Heavenly Father.

My wife - my Little earthly goddess. I love her whole body and especially breasts kissing, sucked... This is fantastic beauty - see her naked breasts and hard nipples for the long time, and for me to explore and enjoy them with my hands, lips, and tongue...

It is an amazing fantasy. Worship female body, to see, touch, contemplate, adoration... She is a goddess and Her body is sacred and beautiful. My great admiration and respect for female body. It's top beauty and I thank God. Slowly kissing and fondle every inch of Her. To fondle and kissing Her whole body..., long, long time. - It is paradise. Female skin soft and curves are so intoxicating and I can’t help myself... Fantastic paradise...

The female body is fantastic a GOD's gift. Don't you think so?

Sex is beautiful
Worshiping the female body as a gift from God. You should in sexual worship the female body in the heart also worship the Creator of this body - God. Worship through the creature, - Creator.

Christian Tantra Sex 2.

Goddess Worship - Other words Tantra sex theories:

Union in heart, called love, brings union in body, called sex, and when this brings union in spirit, it is called Tantra sex.

Tantric goddess worship is rituals and system that teaches you to explore and discover your sexuality as your connection to the creative life forces within you.

The practice of this system is a personal creation, realization to suit your interests and taste. You co-create with your wife, based on what's present, moment to moment. You in understanding your connection to life and how to deepen that connection through personal practices and with the embodiment of Goddess, in women.

From a tantric perspective, every man and women holds a spark of divine essence within them. Therefore, by acknowledging the divinity in one another, we evoke that presence. This is something from our God - our Heavenly Father. We were created in God's image.
And Heavenly Father tells us: "I declare: "Gods though you be, offspring of the Most High all of you" (Psalms 82,6). And Jesus repeats: "Is it not written in your law, 'I said, "You are gods" ? (John 10,34) - Yes, We are god's children - We are small gods. Men are gods. Women are goddesses.

Man and women are opposites to one another. We may willingly take turns serving one another. Serving the God/Goddess in a tantric way stimulates the innate love. The essence of this expression is available to anyone who you truly are able to perceive divine essence with. Thus the greeting, which means the divine being within me greets and recognizes the divine being within you.

In these sexual rituals, man understands that the longer he holds his seed within him, the more power and energy he gathers. And sexual pleasure lasts longer and can be achieve "erotic hypnosis" and fantastic feeling for a long time, many hours. ("Orgasm Denial")

Pure tantric sex is about learning to keep the energy stoking for a better connection, and it can do fantastic wonders for your sex life. That means delaying male ejaculation: The tantric orgasm is meant to be "lived" instead of released. In plain English, the idea is for him to hold out as long as possible. And to savor the incredible endorphin high, as waves of bliss that can last for long time.

And when serving goddess from a place of high personal power, he joins with her at high frequencies, becoming an counterpart to the Goddess. A tantric union is a very real connection based on the true expression of souls. Each person gives offerings to one another. You must honoring the goddess - your wife, until you feel it naturally flow as an out pour of your own true expressions. You teach how to awaken the Goddess and ride along with her in the abundant range of pleasurable sensations in the multi-orgasmic, ecstatic realms. Much of this is possible through manual and energetic stimulation. You meet in high realms with your goddess. You will have more intimate connections. It is a journey that unfolds infinitely- mysteriously and more beautifully than either of us could ever imagine. It is a great gift from God - from Heavenly Father.

Man learns all life. Learn goddess worship rituals:

- Learn to give a sensual massage

- Learn ejaculatory control (Ejaculation is only the final phase in long worship rituals)

- Learn in Ritual Body Worship

- And be mesmerized through erotic "hypnosis"

- Learn transmit sex energy through your eyes, lips, breath, and touch into the body of the Goddess.

- And You not forget also give thanks to God for this wonderful gifts.

Tantric goddess worship is as a celestial dance of two divine entities and must be approached as such. The tantra god plays a vital role in the act of creation, in that he delivers the seed that will bear fruit in the goddess. Both partners acknowledge the divinity of the other - this is not worship by a mere mortal to a divine deity. The worship of the tantra goddess represents the mutual acknowledgement and adoration of two celestial beings.

Man and women represent opposite, yet divinely compatible creative forces. Both hold equal stature in the act of creation. In tantra goddess worship, the male serves the female but will receive service from her as well. In such a situation, a deep loving connection that transcends mere worldly.

Tantra worship is an integral part of the process that leads to vastly enhanced sexual experiences. Sex is approached in a spirit of mutual worship that recognizes the divine being within each of the partners. When this spirit of worship is consciously practiced, it soon becomes second nature. When the empowered male worships the deified woman in this manner, he comes from a place of power and is able to relate to his woman at very high spiritual frequencies - as an equal counterpart to the goddess.

Woman is sacred temple:

"The feet of a woman are the hands of her intimacy. Her legs are the pillars to her sanctuary.
The two-fold gate has to be unlocked from within and without.
The arch is the triangle of her water and the symbol of her power.
The womb must be explored or her garden will not bloom.
The breast are the king and queen of her palace. They need many greetings and words of worship.
Her hands are the feet of her intimacy; handle them with tenderness.
The neck is the hidden sanctuary, it you must always purify with your tongue, and consecrate with your breath.
This is the temple.
You know now how best to pray."

(The Codex of Love)    

(Warning: God - Heavenly Father and his son Jesus is always in the first place. You must always love and worship God, most of all. Jesus replied: " Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind." Sometimes You and your wife also together pray to God. You and your wife are His children. Children of the Heavenly Father, divine children.)

Pala Copeland and Al Link - Soul Sex: Tantra for Two:

After all it brings you face to face with profound issues such as: “How do I welcome God?” and, “Am I living my life to my full potential?” Because it deals with weighty matters, you might assume that Tantra is solemn, even grave. You may also suspect that even though Tantra includes sex, because it is “spiritual” sex, it is likely sedate—a polite sexuality with much earnest eye-gazing and not lots of juicy bits. Well, you would be partly right. There is much about Tantric loving that is thoughtful and decorous, but the Tantric scope encompasses all, uniting seemingly disparate polarities into an integrated whole, so reverence and raucousness, piety and playfulness are equal partners in your lover’s bed. You engage in all sorts of wild and wonderful acts to build your sexual charge then focus your thought to elevate that charge, thus connecting your animal body with your ethereal spirit. In this expansive view, you push your limits, allowing and encouraging each other to be imaginative, vulnerable, and bold.

(Pala Copeland and Al Link)    

Or Karezza style (not ejaculation):

Karezza is sexual intercourse with the man not having an orgasm. Dr. Alice Bunker Stockham coined the word Karezza in 1896. Stockham claimed it took a man two weeks to a month to “recover” from an ejaculation. She felt men not having ejaculations would benefit wives and form stronger marriages. Men were to avoid orgasm (ejaculation) unless they were trying to conceive, but women were encouraged to climax during sex. This is old Karezza.

Barbara M.:
If men ejaculate every time they reach orgasm, they lose their life force, in one version of reality. If you are a man, when you have sex you can learn to retain the sperm and not ejaculate. ...
Sperm is a catalytic force of existence, and every time a man releases sperm, he is to some extent depleting his body. In the ideal, a man will ejaculate by choice when there is a need for procreation, or the desire for the experience...
Perhaps you can change your focus during intercourse to not reach climax immediately. Have fun and build to the point just before climax, then hold that frequency, subside to a point, and build it again and again. Take some time with it. When you honor the process, spend hours doing so, because this creates a deep intimacy and the experience will last you so much longer. The rejuvenation or regeneration of the life force occurs when there are hours and hours of intimacy, with your eyes open, and you learning to get your body to do what you want it to do.

(Barbara M.)    

Exist many websites and books for Tantra sex, Karezza, Male Orgasm Denial, or other sexual practices..., you read and choose the best for you.

Freedom of God's children

You're free. Combinate normal sex, tantric sex, karezza or other styles... For example rotation: one week karezza sex and one week normal classic sex... You can do what you want. Free combine or tested various sexual practices... For your sexual pleasure and happiness. I and my wife very often only lie naked in bed, long hours and gentle touching - petting mutual... long, hours...

god and goddess - Christian Tantra Sex
god and goddess

Bible: "Enjoy life with your wife, whom you love, all the days of this meaningless life that God has given you under the sun..." (Ecclesiastes 9, 9)

beauty and romance

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Lifestyle - god and goddess

Bible, God says:
- "I declare: "Gods though you be, offspring of the Most High all of you" (Psalms 82,6)
- Jesus answered them, "Is it not written in your law, 'I said, "You are gods"'? (John 10,34)

Lifestyle - god and goddess, idea and vision:

Let the man worship woman as earthly goddess, beautiful divine, the Queen, the Nymph, the Mana, the food of Life, beautiful earthly goddess...

And let the woman worship man as earthly god, the Lord, the Sun, the Father, the King, the Lite of Her Life, the creator, the provider, as Jesus ...

Surrender to one another. Become one. The glorious Mystic rose in the garden of the Heavenly Father. Permeate the universe, fill it, become it for this is the union beyond duality.

But this lifestyle is not for everyone.