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If you want your woman to be a beautiful goddess, worship her.

You want to be a sex god to your lover, the real man and the king of her heart and her body.

It might sound contradictory, but by understanding a woman, by relating to the woman, not only in her, but also in yourself, you become more of a man.

Man, the natural male, you want to fight, conquer and win. You fight and win, and this feels good. OK.
But Instead of fighting, try loving: Love and conquer.

And remember way in which God is perceived: He is what stands behind the creation of the goddess, and behind the creation of the material Universe. He is the beginning of all, the mystery, which is may be impossible to comprehend with our created mind, we are only to feel owe before it. Embrace your grandness with all its power and responsibility which comes with it- as a man, a husband, a father, a god.

You want sex, women want intimacy. If you desire a women sexually, but she is cold, it means you are lacking something in your approach. To get a hot women in your hands (even if she your wife) you need to learn to be intimate to her. Intimacy does not mean sex alone. You can be intimate without a touch. You can make a women desire you without looking at her.

All you need is to connect to her. Connect mentally - think of her, connect in your heart- fall in love with her, connect emotionally - understand what she feels, before you connect physically.

She really needs to feel your presence on all that levels in order to become open to you completely and to let you in her the most sacred places. You can still have sex without this connection, but it will be a cold physical interaction and will not be satisfying, but will leave you feeling empty and bad. Have sex only with a woman you want to or able to - connect.

The length of time doesn't matter, you have a union with your wife for a limited time as well- because you both sooner or later going to die. And you can sleep with your wife every day- automatically, since she is a woman in your bed, and this can be boring and dreadful. Why not make it beautiful, since she is already your your woman? You see, usually, to establish a truly deep connection, you need more than an hour. Be close to her, talk to her, be brave, be open to each other without fear to be hurt again, forgive in advance, break the emotional ice of old hurts, if it has been growing between you for years and you will have the most beautiful woman in your arms once again and for live - she is your wife.

Love is the key, take care of your love, grow it like a precious, very beautiful, and a very fragil flower. A very fragil flower that blossoms in your hearts.

Worship Her, and she will give back more than you can imagine. You don't love a woman because she's beautiful, She is beautiful because you love her. Woman, she is "It", the giver, she gives.

Worship Her from all your Heart, in silence. If you love a women, passionately, tenderly, with care and respect, she, and all of them, will love you back. There is one goddess stands behind all women.

Worship is your secret, it is sacret, words can be too much for reveling it, it is more subtle than words. Something they are mezmorized by.

Worship Her on every way -
In love,
In every moment of relashionship,
In melting sex, from subtle sensuality to limitless merge into nothingness.
When you make love to her, hold her sacred, and make her feel she is yours. Listen to her body.

Worship is then you approach all of Her in a deep reverence. You can make your love sacred anytime, revere her and she will feel your tenderness and respond.

Being sacred towards each other feels like haven to both, you treat each other like you are gods, who in fact live in heaven.

Although you are human too, because you have fears, insecurities and vices, and you are imperfect (and so is she) - do not make it an excuse, instead, help each other emphasize and cultivate higher self. Be graceful. It's not easy to be a god, takes a lots of work to deal with your human nature, but the work is rewarding. As a result first thing you'll get is becoming a supreme lover. Other things will follow: becoming brilliant in anything you do.

If you want to be successful in creating a powerful kingdom, dedicate your work to a goddess. Your woman is a physical the Goddess - it helps if she is aware of it - so to worship the Goddess herself. Bring offrings to the altar of her body- gifts, flowers, caring touch, complete adoration, a sweet kiss and good sex. Any woman will like you for this- not because of the presents, but because you do it for love and the goddess in her. She gives devotion for a devotion.

Goddess, the beautiful.
Divine woman. She comes as beauty in you, as a woman, as a flower, as a poem. Every time she appears... And She lives in every person, in every flower, in every poem that makes you fly. She is the very essence of all beauty, and when you meet her, you know its her who you met, because your heart sings. And you remember: Also divine Lord Jesus was born of Her.

Woman is top beauty and final artwork of God.

Real practice


"husbands should live with your wives in understanding, showing honor to the weaker female sex..." (1Pe 3,7).

"Let her be thy dearest hind, and most agreeable fawn: let Her breasts inebriate thee at all times; he thou delighted continually with her love." (Prov 5,19)

- You - should showing honor to the female sex and Her breasts (body) inebriate thee at all times...


- Worship Her as a beautiful gift from God.

- Making Her Your Fantasy: She is a princess, queen, goddess...

- Sincere love and worship Her. - Worship Her from all your Heart.

 She is my love  She is my queen  She is my goddess

And what does it mean to worship her in practice?
- Complimenting, showing affection and adoration. Worshiping Her body, and heart. Real showing honor to the female sex and let Her breasts and body inebriate thee... To privately exalt Her. Showing intentional and purposeful affection and courtesy. To adore Her through the affection show, as well as the gifts. Love and appreciation to Her.

How to treat a woman:
Kissing Her hand. Tell Her she looks beautiful, that you love Her. Admiration and love. Worship Her body. Hold Her, Surprise Her, Compliment Her, Laugh with Her, Cry with Her, Romance Her, Cuddle with Her, Pampered Her ... Give Her jewelry (need not be expensive). Give Her flower. Write Her love letters. Recite love poems - whisper poems to Her ear tenderly and lovingly ...

Never miss a chance to tell her how beautiful she is, how divine she is and how much you cherish her...
Often praise her, not many words, few words, but tenderly, for example: Praise her cooking. Praise her for meal she makes, and if it does not taste good, praise the effort. Praise her, and notice when she cleans the house, even if it is done imperfectly. Praise her whenever she fixes herself up, when she puts on makeup and nice clothes. Praise her when she dresses sexy. Praise her efforts to be sexy for you. - Tell her she is beautiful...

One example gentlemanly behavior (Showing honor to the female sex.):

Gentleman opens the door for woman - Worship woman Opening doors for woman
Nice example - Chivalry hails from the age of knights and ladies. Today, it is defined as "gentlemanly behavior". This behavior is beautiful and well when you want to show worship toward the woman.

When going to the house or anywhere else with doors - your options are limitless - open and hold the door for a woman. Itís a tradition and itís respectful and polite. Opening doors for woman is a classic example of chivalry, love, worship, politeness... Any door will do, including car doors. You - very often realize this practice for woman. Of course - Nothing is compulsory for you. All is only voluntarily of politeness. But it's nice at least occasionally open the door for woman. (And no only for women, politeness for all.)

Worship carefully a woman. Man should never speak sharp / harshly to the woman.

Bible: "Husbands, love your wives and do not be sharp with them." (Colossians 3,19).

Be considerate, and use gentle and kind words with your wife.

Calm the beast within. Tame wild reactions. Become more sensitive to the needs of woman. Learn how to appreciate and honor the Goddess before you. All goddesses are beautiful when you learn to see through loving eyes.

Access your inner poet. Be more romantic and sweet in your lovemaking and attitudes towards your beloveds. Make them feel safe, comfortable, respected, honored, free.

Woman is a beautiful goddess, but sometimes also little girl
Inside of every woman is a little girl crying out to be heard, understood and felt. Learn how to be sensitive to her child within. Love and adore her with the care you would give a small child, Your nurturing will allow her to blossom to her full potential unleash the total, complete, fully healed, passionate woman within.

Worshiping Her body - for example Tantra sex methods. And similarly. Kissing and fondle a woman's body - this is real top worshipping. - And you can worshipping (kissing and fondle) every inch of her ... The sacred goddess body. Her body is a precious gift from God. You should have a sacred respect for her body. Her body is beautiful. The body your wife - is the body goddess created to receive worship from man.

"Let her be thy dearest hind, and most agreeable fawn: let Her breasts inebriate thee at all times; he thou delighted continually with her love."
(Prov 5,19)

To revere the female body - It's a privilege.
The Perfumed Garden, a 16th century: Quote: "God also is it who has embellished the chest of the woman with breasts, has furnished her with a chin, and has given brilliant colours to her cheeks.
He has also gifted her with eyes that inspire love, and with eyelashes like polished blades.
He has furnished her with a rounded belly and a beautiful navel, and with a majestic crupper [rump]; and all these wonders are borne up by the thighs. It is between these latter that God has placed the arena...called the vulva....
God has furnished this object with a mouth, a tongue, two lips; it is like the impression of the hoof of the gazelle in the sands of the desert.
The whole is supported by two marvellous columns, testifying to the might and the wisdom of God; they are not too long nor too short; and they are graced with knees, calves, ankles, and heels, upon which rest precious rings.
Then the Almighty has plunged woman into a sea of splendours, of voluptuousness, and of delights, and covered her with precious vestments, with brilliant girdles and provoking smiles.
So let us praise and exalt him who has created woman and her beauties, with her appetizing flesh; who has given her hails, a beautiful figure, a bosom with breasts which are swelling, and amorous ways, which awaken desires.
I, the servant of God, am thankful to him that no one can help falling in love with beautiful women...."
- Perfumed Garden, Introduction

 Women are created to receive worship from men.

It is a beautiful thing when a man worships wife as his earthly goddess.

 love and worship

beauty and romance

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Lifestyle - god and goddess

Bible, God says:
- "I declare: "Gods though you be, offspring of the Most High all of you" (Psalms 82,6)
- Jesus answered them, "Is it not written in your law, 'I said, "You are gods"'? (John 10,34)

Lifestyle - god and goddess, idea and vision:

Let the man worship woman as earthly goddess, beautiful divine, the Queen, the Nymph, the Mana, the food of Life, beautiful earthly goddess...

And let the woman worship man as earthly god, the Lord, the Sun, the Father, the King, the Lite of Her Life, the creator, the provider, as Jesus ...

Surrender to one another. Become one. The glorious Mystic rose in the garden of the Heavenly Father. Permeate the universe, fill it, become it for this is the union beyond duality.

But this lifestyle is not for everyone.