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Nice dance
A relationship is like a dance, where both parties fulfill their important and unique roles. Both partners are equally important, yet performing quite different steps, that often mirror each other. A natural and classical way is for a man - male to lead, for a woman to follow, that applies in both dance and in life. As a dance professional teacher, Anton, said: "When leading, a man always thinks ahead, he is in the future all the time, thinking of his next step. Woman, who follows him, is in the present and just enjoys every step, every movement that he carefully leads her into." To me, this is very much a philosophy of a relationship.

 Life is a beautiful dance

A man provides security, so that a woman don't have to worry, can stay relaxed and enjoys her every moment of the physical now, her beauty and playfulness. This, in turn, gives a pleasure and satisfaction to a man - according to survey, most of man truly enjoy their relationship if a woman is happy and relaxed. Men have to understand that it is their responsibility to make a woman relaxed: man to lead, woman to follow. This is how two partners move together harmoniously. It is a beautiful dance of life. It's a beautiful life by the harmony of nature and God, our Heavenly Father.

Your husband wants to try this lifestyle or other style? My advice, if you suddenly find yourself in this position is this: Always accept and embrace it. Accept the gift of his, his idea, way, lifestyle... And relax, it gets easier with time.

Trust is an important issue here. Trust creates openness between partners and allows communication and deep connection on all levels. Only if a woman fully trusts her man doing a good and reliable lead, she will be able to relax and emerge in the pleasure of the moment and into manifesting her beauty and sensuality. If there is a lack of trust, she will be always uptight and nervous, have exiety and even health problems. If a woman feels that a man doesn't do a good job planning ahead, she is taking a leading role and eventually will burn out, because what she is doing is contrary to her nature. Eventually, when leading, a woman and will disconnect with her sensuality, becoming less attractive to a man. And a man, who tries to submit to the feminine role and follow, will eventually revolt, because deep in a core he is a man, a leader. This doesn't mean that a woman cannot have a carrier on her own or be successful, all said here applies to a relationship within a couple the most basic nature of both genders. In life, some crossdressing foreplay happens, especially for fun, but will never last forever. For a relationship that lasts, the basics have to be healthy. On top of this, like a cherry on a cake, you can play and tease each other as you want, knowing that you are only playing for enjoying.

It is amazing how much Love alters someone's vision: you just don't see anything bad in that person. Or if you see, you immediately forgive or even find it adorable. And you can love one person or the entire human race- and everyone is just such a nice person or you forgive them in the spot. What I have noticed, throughout my life, is that the effect of such vision is also magnificent: people get to like you, or at least, don't want to harm you. If you think someone is Bad, than they are bad - to you! If you think someone is good - they are, not with anyone, but definitely with you. We know you attract what you emit, but really, Love is the answer both in personal and Universal sense. I dont want to sound like Jesus, but he is right: love each other, if you can. Learn to love.

Perfect lovers
A woman asked me if I can tell her about Tantric techniques for a better lovemaking. She has been to a numerous workshops and already knew a lot, but somehow, she told me, something was missing between her and her lover. I said that no, I cannot teach her anything. Workshops, I said, will teach you plenty of general ideas and may be even offer some practice. But every person is different and unique, and so is every couple; general terms will go only that far. Something might work and something might not. If you merely follow a technique, you might miss the very essence of what you are looking for. To find the place where flowers blossom, you have to find the place of the most intimate connection with your partner. And you can find this only by listening to your body. Find your center and stay there. From there, connect to your partner by being sensitive to him. Women usually do this well, because they are more attune to their bodies and to all other living beings - the goddess helps. The challenge is for a man to do the same. To find the center, be sensitive to a woman, visible and invisible. In this connection, you will feel the most tender movements, the most subtle details, and this is where the beauty, and power. This is where all the stars and a moon come together in one explosion of unity. It's all about details, and no one will teach you this. It is a wonder land that lays between two lovers and it is only for them to explore. No one else can enter this sacred space, except, may God.

The divinities characteristic approach
For successful relationship it's important to understand where you and your partner coming from, to know yourself. When you become aware of who you are, or what are you manifesting, and the same relating your partner, that your relationship become like a dance, so you just waltz through your life beautifully without stepping on each other's feet. And every man has all tree aspects, who are the tree faces of the one supreme. On the same way, every woman contains these tree aspects in her personality. When I look at all the women around I see only different faces of the same creator. All the men are different forms of the same God, the male of Universe. The taste of each slightly different, but essence is the same: a man or a woman.

Every person are given a character depending of whom she or she manifests the most. You can say: this one is smart, another is is wild, third is hot, but this is only a parts of them. It's who they play the most. The words of Shakespeare come to me : " All the world's a stage and all of men and women merely players: They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts". We are actors without being aware who we play, or manifest, and this is the problem. So the number one step is to become aware what is your act, what are your main character, who you manifesting: You are beautiful goddess. Try to help her cultivate the fashion and the beauty, but don't suppress her being a natural woman. Learn how to be more like a nature and wildness loving.

It's not always so easy to become aware and develop your other sides. A woman must always adapt for her husband. This is the law of nature and of God. Being earthly goddess for your earthly god - husband. Being a good wife, be beautiful, sensual, affectionate ... Adapt yourself for desires and character of your husband. Usually, your personal type is created from early childhood, your parents and environment had influenced you and it's hard to break through those very strong ropes that attach you to your present face. You can succeed only if you help each other. All you need is patience and love, trust and oneness which are the basics of any normal relationship, anyway. The example can be the old story when the male teacher dance was in love with a street girl who have never learned any manners, but he trained her and she became the most graceful and magic dancer in the ball. You know why she became the most? Because she had the power and the freshness in her. In this way, partners who originally didn't match by their personal types, have a potential to grow and expand, becoming more wholesome. Relationship with your perfect partner. Matching well your partner is like a dance , when you listen to each other, lead and follow, matching every movement, every step. And your relationship becomes smooth and beautiful, and you waltz through your life with only joy to share.

Your husband is always in the first place, he is your earthly god.
You love passionately and always.

The Holy Bible:
"Wives should be subordinate to their husbands as to the Lord."
(Eph 5,22)

"the Lord", - that is - God. Wives should be subordinate to their husbands as - God.

View and perceive your husband as your god. He is your earthly god. And You were created for him. Love and worshipping your husband with all your heart.

Do not swallow the cares of this world. Your husband is always in the first place, he is your earthly god. The whole world is only below. And always.

No jealousy, no evil, no quarrel, You - only love and worship your husband
This involves some self work. When we have issuers in the relationship, it is not because we can not deal with the other person, but when we can not deal with yourself. Let's say, jealousy: it is a hard thing to overcome your ego and let the other person be free and love him. Of course, you might think- now your partner is going to flirt on right and left, without the fear of my control. But if you practice this selfless love, you will help your partner realize higher levels of your love, that's above any flirt, the true love. Trust me. Love is about 2 people, sharing it, it flows between two, it is God between two of you. If you have it and another person does not, it will not flow and magic will not happen. As soon as you let your partner know wow the real thing feels, he will be dedicated to you, because there is nothing more beautiful and fulfilling than a true love. There is nothing above God, who is that king of selfless unconditional love we. In other was, he will never be able to experience the kind of devotion loving high you make yourself exceptionally special to your partner.

Love and jealousy come together only when love is less than non conditional. Jealousy is a natural urge, an instinct, aimed to your family protection and instincts are strong, especially in women and especially when procreation concerns. It is mother nature talking, who can deny the mother? But, when your male is looking around and gorging his eyes on big tits and shapely asses of other females, realize, that he only is a man, who loves to bathe in the feminine, he receives energy from it, pleasure and stimulation. Any healthy, sexually active man will act like this no matter how hard he tries to suppress these urges. In fact, the harder he tries to suppress and be a "nice" the stronger the urges will be and he might really begin to around and hide it from you, feeling guilty and getting all messed up in his head, that finally will affect his health and well being. So, let him look and talk other females: it is a healing for him. Control your jealousy, or better understand: it is healing for him, if you love him, and if you care, don't be jealous. This is the only way he will be able to be open to you, will be able to be his true self with you and love you like non of the women he ever met. Make yourself special with a higher understanding of his nature. Be a healer, a mother, a goddess.

Lifestyle god and goddess - awakening goddess
Your awakening the inner goddess, or divine female, who is feminine in her nature. Inner goddess - She is the essence of the self, just like the essence of every atom, the inner fire, and aroused by any kind of activity that feels good, therefore, pleases her: dancing or music, but especially - erotica and sex. She responds to a playful, non forceful methods, and when you make love, connect to your partner's very essence, and play as if you were playing with a kitten. She will trust you and will respond to you. Beautiful inner goddess... She will hide and withdraw as soon as you will try to control her without erotic and love to husband, or as soon as you will try control your actions with your mind. She is the consciousness of the body, the dormant of the inner wisdom thousands of years old who is in the same time a ever God, Heavenly Father, created woman for men. She is wisdom of the body and doesn't like to deal with logic of the mind. May be this is why the most sexual women known to be "stupid" - they act irrational, using logic of the body, that is absurd from the point of view of the rational mind, but has it's own wisdom and intuition. So, try to discover and meet our own goddess, because when you both know how to play and arouse her in each other, your sex will be a tremendous experience and will help your personal growth like nothing else. The ideal way to discover her is through Tantric sex, that arouses goddess. But for awakening goddess you will need your husband. Only with him, this can be realized.

Calling oneself a Goddess does not necessarily make one a Goddess. To become a Goddess one must consciously strip off the layers of anger, and need, to find our naturally flowing, radiant stream of love, compassion, creative power, bliss, and nurturing within. This may sound to be a daunting task but it is possible.

And plus real practice for You, dear goddess:
Each male is visually stimulated. And You are the earthly goddess. Goddess is very attractive. - She takes care of her body. She has a nice hairdo, makeup ... And, until it She is young, She also have at home a beautiful and sensual dress for the pleasure of her husband, - her earthly god.

 god and goddess

Sometimes goddess kneeling
Sometimes kneeling in front of your King and earthly god, get close to his sacred body and adore him. Love and humility is an important aspect for women. It is a beautiful thing when a woman humbles herself before a husband and worships his as king and earthly god.

To worship her man for feel more love
For a woman to fully love, to feel devotion to..., yes, - to worship her man. It allows her to choose to open her heart and to love without restraint. It is not a position of weakness and defeat, but an assertion of her huge power to love ...

Every man is a god, but also a little boy
Inside every man is a tiny, wounded little boy. Learn how to be sensitive to his child within. Love and adore him with the care you would give a small, delicate child. He really needs this, perhaps even more than you need this type of attention from him.

You strive acting like a true lady; sweet, kind, polite, romantic, sensitive and very sensual, sexual...

beauty and romance

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Lifestyle - god and goddess

Bible, God says:
- "I declare: "Gods though you be, offspring of the Most High all of you" (Psalms 82,6)
- Jesus answered them, "Is it not written in your law, 'I said, "You are gods"'? (John 10,34)

Lifestyle - god and goddess, idea and vision:

Let the man worship woman as earthly goddess, beautiful divine, the Queen, the Nymph, the Mana, the food of Life, beautiful earthly goddess...

And let the woman worship man as earthly god, the Lord, the Sun, the Father, the King, the Lite of Her Life, the creator, the provider, as Jesus ...

Surrender to one another. Become one. The glorious Mystic rose in the garden of the Heavenly Father. Permeate the universe, fill it, become it for this is the union beyond duality.

But this lifestyle is not for everyone.